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Optimus 123R Repair kit
Repair Kit comes with Cleaning needle, spindle, metal O ring, graphite packing, wick and jet. Does not include the internal cleaning needle. Works for the Svea 123R self cleaning stove only.
Price: $24.95
Optimus Fuel Cap
Optimus Fuel Cap for stove 123/8r / 111 Hiker Optimus replacement fuel cap for stoves Svea 123, 123R, Hunter 8r, Hikers 111 Hiker 111c/111B - 99/199. Optimus part number 2044....
Price: $22.95
Optimus 199 Ranger, Windshied
Optimus 199 Ranger, Windshied part no. 2097 Optimus 199/99 Ranger Aluminum windshield part 2097 see schematic (parts diagram), windshield are original Optimus part....
Price: $9.95
Optimus 00 Rising tube
Optimus 00 Rising tube Optimus 00 Risiing tube, Can also use on Sievert 121/L Svea.. Rising tube 22. mm Long with 12 mm Internal Threads on top of Rising tube 13.6mm...
Price: $12.95
Rising tube No 45 /5/5r
Longer Optimus /Primus Rising tube No 45 /5/5r House hold stoves Optimus/Primus Risiing tube, for stoves 45/5/5r/ Rising tube 36mm long , with 12 mm Internal Threads on top of Rising tube 13.6mm internal threads on...
Price: $12.95
Grate support
Grate support 5 3/8" tall for Optimus 00/45/96 Grate/pot support legs 5 3/8 " tall for all Brass House hold stoves, Optimus/Primus 00/45/100/ pot support legs slide into a pocket on the side of...
Price: $10.50
Leather Cup
Leather Cup 5/16 ID 3/4 OD for pump rods, for House hold stove Optimus Leather Cup for pump rod; 5/16 ID 3/4 OD For Optimus housedhold stoves. Depending on your model, and Marine Stoves Replacement cup leather...
Price: $7.95
Fuel Bottle Cap
Optimus 8017612 Optimus ChildSafeCap for Fuel Bttls
Price: $4.95
Hiker Repair Kit
Optimus 8017632 Hiker Parts Kit
Price: $24.95
Flame Ring
Flame ring for Optimus Big Burner # 3 / Patra Burner # 36 Brass flame ring for Roarer burner # 3 and Patra Burner # 36, Flame ring seats on top of burner , to disperse an even flame. as shown in picture...
Price: $10.50
Mini Pump and Cap
Mini Pump and Cap for Optimus /Primus stoves Mini Pump and Cap for Optimus/Primus stoves, Svea 123/123r/80 Hunter 8R 99/199 71/123 Mini pump pressurizes stoves for easy lighting, in the coldest weather ...
Price: $39.95
Price: $24.95